Bryson Jones, candidate for nc house district 79, is passionate about Healthcare, Education, Equality and Environment or "H3E." He believes these are tenets of a fair democracy, but also the tenets of a successful Craven and Beaufort County. 



"WE cannot overcome the effects of poverty in this area without bringing in quality jobs with fair wages."

  • 18.4% of Beaufort County residents live at or below the poverty line. 
  • The median household income in Beaufort County is $40,906, which is nearly $19,000 less than the national average. The median household income in Craven County is $47,985, still trailing behind the U.S. national average.
  • White workers are paid 1.34 times more than workers of two or more races.
  • In both Beaufort and Craven counties, women ages 25-34 are the largest demographic living in poverty.
  • Investing in education and infrastructure will bring more jobs to Eastern North Carolina.
  • We need to court the technology industry to our rural areas and domestically source employment.


"We can’t battle the poison of the opioid crisis, or provide services to those so desperately in need without healthcare." 

  • We cannot stand by and watch as Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA are defunded beyond recognition.  Cuts to healthcare programs are not acceptable. We need to look at healthcare as a basic fundamental right.
  • According to the American Journal of Public Health, nearly 45,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of being uninsured.
  • According to the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, since 1999, 12,000 North Carolinians have died due to opiate related overdoses.  Our communities cannot afford to lose services that combat the opioid crisis, through treatment and compassionate care.
  • Bring a hospital back to Belhaven. The community lost a tremendous resource and source of employment when the hospital shut its doors.




"We cannot grow a new generation of young leaders and business men and women without education."

  • I fully intend to support, and work to build on Governor Cooper’s outstanding initiatives on education.
  • Public schools are the backbone of our education system in the U.S.
  • It is our duty to put students first, increase funding for public schools, emphasize classroom safety, and increase teacher pay to be competitive, or exceed the national average.
  • A good public education leads to a better educated state, which means a more desirable environment for businesses, which leads to higher-education STEM jobs available for our residents in the future.
  • Strengthening our community colleges will provide vocational and technology opportunities.


"our rural communities are hit hardeSt by a lack of infrastructure resources."

  • Highway 17 expansion is critical to the growth of our area. 
  • Upgrade and repair public water and sewer lines through infrastructure grants. 
  • Invest in broadband infrastructure through rural areas to bring WiFi to all members of our communities.









"We cannot keep treating each other with such disdain and hate, or hide behind our computers and threaten folks due to their race, religion, sexuality, or creed."

  • I fully support equal pay, and progression routes for women in the workplace that are vitally important to the health and advancement of Craven and Beaufort counties.
  • We need to remove the antiquated barriers that disproportionately affect the women in our communities.
  • Sadly, in 2017, we still need to talk about the protection of our LGBT friends and neighbors. Whether it’s bathroom bills, or marriage equality, this community continues to be one of our most vulnerable to attacks on civil liberties.
  • We cannot look the other way or tolerate hate speech, and discrimination that is becoming so common in today’s landscape. We have more commonalities than we have differences. 



"We cannot live where we are destroying. We must make changes."

  • We need to invest in renewable energies like solar and wind. We have a great opportunity to bring jobs to our localities, as well as be a good steward to mother nature.
  • It’s paramount that we ensure regulations are in place to protect against pollution that harms our communities, coastlines and children. Our ENC counties and districts are state treasurers that demand our protection, and preservation for future generations to enjoy.