BLUE MONDAY: NCDP Welcomes Nine New Diverse Candidates, Promises to Break the Majority

By Robert Howard

Brings Total Announced Candidates to 70 with More Than 2 Months Until Filing Deadline; in 2014, Dems Had 78 Candidates Whole Cycle

NCDP’s Break the Majority Effort Has Already Raised $2 Million to Support Candidates Like These

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Democratic House Caucus, together with the North Carolina Democratic Party, was proud to announce nine new candidates challenging incumbent Republicans in urban, suburban, and rural counties across the state.

“North Carolina Democrats started the year promising to fight from Murphy to Manteo. As we close out 2017, we’re one giant step closer to delivering on that promise,” NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “I am excited to have such a stellar crop of diverse candidates from all backgrounds – veterans, social workers, doctors, and small business owners – running to make positive change for North Carolina.”

“The recent electoral wave in Virginia was just the beginning. North Carolina Republicans have long attempted to rig the system against the middle-class, but families are ready for a change,” Democratic Leader Representative Darren Jackson said. “In every district across our state, voters are fed up and looking to Democrats to stand up for middle class families, focus on the issues that matter, and restore balance to Raleigh. The House Democratic Caucus is committed to recruiting a new generation of leaders to run winning campaigns in all 120 districts – and today’s announcements are real evidence of our momentum heading into 2018.”

With today’s announcements, NC House Democrats recruitment efforts are ahead of schedule and now have candidates in 70 of the 120 districts with more announcements soon. For comparison, House Democrats filed a total of 78 candidates in 2014, the last midyear election cycle. Behind these candidates is Break the Majority – NCDP and Governor Cooper’s unprecedented partnership – which has already raised nearly $2 million and will deliver unrivaled resources, staff, and campaign expertise to help break the Republican supermajority.

Here’s the full slate of Blue Monday candidates:

  • HD 2 – Darryl Moss, Creedmoor mayor with more than three decades experience serving his community.
  • HD 15 – Dan Whitten, an addiction prevention advocate who’s earned a Congressional commendation from Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.
  • HD 26 – Linda Bennett, rural small business owner who wants to bring her “can-do attitude” to Raleigh.
  • HD 37 – Sydney Batch, child welfare advocate running on the “common values that bind us,” like leaving North Carolina a better place for the next generation.
  • HD 62 – Martha Shafer, a health care executive and community leader running to be a part of the “new wave of smart, caring leaders.”
  • HD 68 – Dr. Rick Foulke, veteran, army physician, and oncologist running because too often his patients had to choose between paying their chemotherapy bill or their electricity bill.
  • HD 74 – Terri LeGrand, former social worker now working in higher education who has seen firsthand how Republican priorities have left working families behind.
  • HD 82 – Aimy Steele, a higher education administrator who’s fighting for policies that give them a chance to succeed, not wasting time on partisan games.
  • HD 83 – Gail Young, who’s running because she’s compelled to advocate for everyday citizens whose voices have been ignored.

In addition to today’s announcements, strong Democratic candidates in competitive districts across North Carolina have already stepped up to run, including John Johnson (HD 16), Marcia Morgan (HD 19), Ashton Clemmons (HD 57), Matt Calabria and Jen Ferrell (HD 36), Terence Everitt and Adam Wright (HD 35), Aaron Cave (HD 73), Jerry Langley and Bryson Jones (HD 79), Ray Russell (HD 93), Sam Edney (HD 113), Rhonda Schandevel (HD 118), and Joe Sam Queen (HD 119).